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Painting Contractors in Denver wants you to know that If you need residential or commercial exterior painting services and are looking for experienced and professional exterior painting contractors in Denver, Colorado then call us here at Painting Contractors in Denver where we give you quality you can trust at affordable prices.

Painting Contractors Denver

Our painters have provided Denver, Colorado and all the suburbs with professional exterior and interior painting services for more than 30 years. Our Interior and exterior painting services here in Denver Colorado focus on longevity and offer amazing solutions for long lasting interior and exterior painting projects. Use our residential and or commercial painting professional contractors for your interior and exterior painting project in the Denver Metro region.

Enhance the look of your home or business with quality painting services from Painting Contractors in Denver in Aurora, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Arvada & Denver, Colorado. In business for more than 30 years, our company has always offered top-notch residential and commercial painting services for both interior and exterior painting services for many years. We enjoy providing complete customer satisfaction at all times. Additionally, we maintain exceptional and prompt service for all Colorado customers.

Painting Contractors Denver

Painting Contractors in Denver always Meet with the client to discuss the details and paint job expectations. Just a color selection and confirmation.
Painting Contractors in Denver always sends the estimate by e-mail or fax to the customer or delivery person.

-Authorization of work.
2- Power Washing
1-2 days prior to beginning our other prep work, we will completely power wash your commercial or residential property. The power wash allows us to remove all oil, chalk, dirt and other environmental residue on your home. This will provide for a clean surface for the new paint to bond to and adhear properly .
We feel our power wash adds years to the life of our paint job because of the proper adherence.
Secure pets, close windows, clear off the decks, patios and porches.
Unnecessary for anyone to be home.
Provide access to backyard and water source.
Remenber the purpose of the wash is it rinse the surfaces to be painted and we will not damage your home or siding.
3- Preparation and paint
Project and beautify your Denver Colorado residential and commercial projects!

Painting Contractors Denver

We will thoroughly hand scrape all loose, peeling and blistering paint.

We will hand scrape all rough areas and feather the edges where old paint layers have been scraped off.
We will remove all oil, dried and failing caulk and replace it with new caulk. We will give special attention to seams where moisture can potentially seep in. (doors, windows,, corners and craks in woodsiding).
Primer coating:
We will apply a complete primer coat to any bare wood or metal.
Other preparation:
Includes hammering back loose boards or popped nails, filing nail holes. Drop clothes will used extensively over gardens, grass, walks, driveways,roof, fixtures, etc.
Daily cleanup performed.
4- Final inspection and payment
Once finished the paint job, the owner Jesse Sanchez will meet with the client to the complete inspection, collect signatures and payment.

Painting Contractors Denver

Painting Contractors in Denver started painting over 30 years ago and as an independent contractor in the Denver-Metro Area.

Over the years, Painting Contractors in Denver Services has expanded and grown in its services throughout the greater Denver metro area. We now offer fix and flip, rental turnover, for interior and exterior painting services for commercial and residential painting services, and much more in addition to interior/ exterior painting. We have a number of crews who work on all of our projects here in Denver. Although much has changed since the founding of Painting Contractors in Denver Painting Services one thing has not. And that is our commitment to integrity. The owner of Painting Contractors in Denver is still involved in every job that we do to make sure that it is done right.

Painting Contractors Denver

​The process we use to paint homes is a bit old fashioned. We use quality products like Sherwin Williams paints, experiences workmen, and the correct procedure at every stage of the job to ensure the paint will last. The average paint job lasts 4-5 years in our severe Colorado climate . Our paint jobs usually last 10-12 years with only minor touchups. We pay attention to detail from beginning to end and leave you with a paint job that will stand the test of time in any weather conditions.

For many years Painting Contractors in Denver interior or exterior,and commercial and residential Painting Services primary focus is on quality you can trust at affordable prices. As a small business, word of mouth from satisfied customers is still our greatest marketing tool. Up until about 10 years ago all of the work we did was completely referral based and there was never a shortage of houses to paint!
As a homeowner we know that your primary concern is to have an affordable paint job that will stand the test of time.

The extra work Painting Contractors in Denver do to make sure you have a long-lasting paint job will cost you about the same as what the average contractor bids. We also have many competitors who charge a lot more than we do and deliver the same product! Our goal is to give you quality work at an affordable price here at Painting Contractors in Denver.

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